I receive so many requests from people who would like to see charts for my compositions that I decided to use this space to share them. Please feel free to play them and use them for educational purposes.

 Please note that all of compositions are covered under US Copyright laws and all rights are reserved.
Jones Street
Jones Street
Mark Kleinhaut & Neil Lamb
Invisible Music

  1. City Market (PDF)
  2. Street Fair (PDF)
  3. Bull St. Scramble (PDF)
  4. Trickster (PDF)
  5. Sevaan (PDF)
  6. Guitar Bar (PDF)
  7. Up River (PDF)
  8. Twilight Garden (PDF)
  9. Tybee at Dawn (PDF)
  10. Ghost Tour (PDF)

All music (P) © 2012 Mark Kleinhaut and Neil Lamb

Holding The Center
The Mark Kleinhaut Trio
Invisible Music

  1. Intro to Sister Cuba
  2. Sister Cuba (PDF)
  3. Baby R (PDF)
  4. Holding the Center (PDF)
  5. Holiday(PDF)
  6. Forgotten Song (PDF)
  7. Erika’s 8:30 Rule (PDF)
  8. Logical Extension (PDF)
  9. Shells on Ancon Beach (PDF)
  10. Green T (PDF)
  11. Passing Bird (PDF)
  12. Gospel of B (PDF)
  13. Rock & Sand (PDF)

All compositions by Mark Kleinhaut
All rights reserved, © (p) 2006 BMI

A Balance of Light
The Mark Kleinhaut Trio w. Bobby Watson

Invisible Music

  1. Ferdinand & Isabelle (PDF)
  2. Long Look Back (PDF)
  3. Four Lane Clover (PDF)
  4. South of Mason (PDF)
  5. Field of Greens (PDF)
  6. Start it Up (PDF)
  7. Erikita (PDF)
  8. Summers (PDF)