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Cross Country Lines

Mark Kleinhaut
  1. Triste (mp3)
  2. How Deep is the Ocean (mp3)
  3. Equinox (mp3)
  4. Polka Dots and Moonbeams (mp3)
  5. Body and Soul (mp3)
  6. Once I Loved (mp3)
  7. Solar (mp3)
  8. Someday My Prince Will Come (mp3)
  9. Well, You Needn't (mp3)
  10. Insensatez (mp3)
  11. Stella by Starlight (mp3)
  12. Alone Together (mp3)

Jones Street

Mark Kleinhaut & Neil Lamb
Invisible Music
  1. City Market (mp3)
  2. Street Fair (mp3)
  3. Bull St. Scramble (mp3)
  4. Trickster (mp3)
  5. Sevaan (mp3)
  6. Guitar Bar (mp3)
  7. Up River (mp3)
  8. Twilight Garden (mp3)
  9. Tybee at Dawn (mp3)
  10. Ghost Tour (mp3)

Mark Kleinhaut -- Ribbecke Halfling (left channel)
Neil Lamb -- Benedetto Bravo Seven String (right channel)

Cover Photo: Gina Stone
Photography: Cathy Lamb
Photo of Mark Kleinhaut: Timothy Raab
Recording: Neil Lamb
Editing: Neil Lamb, Erika Aberg, Mark Kleinhaut
Mixing and Mastering:  Erika Aberg
Liner notes: Bill Milkowski (read as PDF)
All music (P) © 2012 Mark Kleinhaut and Neil Lamb

Holding The Center

The Mark Kleinhaut Trio
Invisible Music
  1. Intro to Sister Cuba
  2. Sister Cuba (mp3)
  3. Baby R
  4. Holding the Center
  5. Holiday
  6. Forgotten Song
  7. Erika’s 8:30 Rule
  8. Logical Extension
  9. Shells on Ancon Beach
  10. Green T
  11. Passing Bird
  12. Gospel of B
  13. Rock & Sand

Mark Kleinhaut – Guitar
Jim Lyden – Bass
Les Harris Jr. – Drums

All compositions by Mark Kleinhaut
All rights reserved, © (p) 2006 BMI

Jazz guitar aficionados should get to know about this closely knit, swinging unit from the pine tree state led by one of the truly brilliant guitarists on the jazz scene today.” -Bill Milkowski

A Balance Of Light

The Mark Kleinhaut Trio with Bobby Watson
Invisible Music
  1. Ferdinand and Isabelle (mp3)
  2. Long Look Back (mp3)
  3. Four Lane Clover
  4. South of Mason (mp3)
  5. Field of Greens
  6. Start it Up
  7. Erikita
  8. Summers (mp3)

Mark Kleinhaut – Guitar
Jim Lyden – Bass
Les Harris, Jr – Drums

Special Guest:
Bobby Watson – Alto Saxophone

Chasing Tales

The Mark Kleinhaut Trio with Tiger Okoshi
Invisible Music
  1. Cape Hatteras
  2. Water Waltz (mp3)
  3. Erika’s Living Room
  4. Mousetrap (mp3)
  5. Bluejay (mp3)
  6. Aftermath
  7. Three Olives
  8. Talk To You Later
  9. Cry Wolf
  10. After Hours

Mark Kleinhaut – Guitar
Jim Lyden – Bass
Mark Macksoud – Drums

Special Guest:
Tiger Okoshi – Trumpet, Flügelhorn

Secrets Of Three

The Mark Kleinhaut Trio
Invisible Music
  1. Say That You Will (mp3)
  2. Natasha
  3. Not A Poet (mp3)
  4. Wistful
  5. Vacation
  6. Nanaprobes
  7. Veteran’s Day
  8. Row Boat
  9. Zingat (mp3)

Mark Kleinhaut – Guitar
Jim Lyden – Bass
Mark Macksoud – Drums


Mark Kleinhaut
Invisible Music
  1. Amphora (mp3)
  2. A Million Notes From Now (mp3)
  3. Suki’s Web
  4. Flowers and Flames
  5. Illadroly
  6. Miss Knows
  7. Horse From The North (mp3)
  8. Forty-Nine (mp3)
  9. Interlucent
  10. Another Sprint
  11. We Never Knew

Mark Kleinhaut – Guitar
Phil Verrill – Drums
Josh Davis – Bass
Thomas Snow – bass
Annegret Baier – percussion